Good ideas sell stuff. Great ideas change how people think


Art Direction


Art Direction


“I like rules. Without them, we don’t know what to break.”
~ Helmut Krone


I found this bizarre dude at dawn at Bondi’s Sculptures by the sea. He’s set up his camera on a tripod & was taking a selfie. 

This image & words is my Mission Statement.


“The easiest and the hardest word to say is NO. Only got two letters. Only takes a second to say it” ~ Chuck D


I tried to design an AWARD Annual with an idea in it & I failed.

The “War On Terror” spurred some terrible fear-mongering ads from The Australian Government, which fully deserved (in my opinion) to be lampooned. As an AWARD Annual is a celebration of creativity, and doing great work is often a battle, my idea was to have a “War On Terrible Ads.” 

The AWARD Committee killed my idea, as the Australian Government was the Advertising Industry’s biggest client at the time.  

This proves that nothing good ever comes out of a committee. 

Especially a frightened one. 


An idea is a new combination of old elements. 


Artwork created with a can of spray paint, a 30 year old plastic alphabet stencil, sticky tape, and a photocopier. 

Some people think computers can’t.


I love doing type-only ads.


Of all the airlines in the world - the Qantas tail is the best branded aircraft going around.

So I was pretty happy to convince them to let me use it as the logo. 


“Nothing is stronger than a fact. Our job as creatives is to bring those facts to life.”
~ Charles Saatchi.


Ideas & half-thoughts are ephemeral things. 

They need to be nailed to paper, or a screen, or they vanish. 

I’ve been keeping visual journals & diaries for around 20 years - they’re like a bank for ideas.

It’s where I try, where I fail, & where I file away half thoughts & stray ideas for future reference.