Good ideas sell stuff. Great ideas change how people think






“I think it’s really important to design things with a kind of personality”
~ Marc Newson 


Recognise is the movement to get recognition for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island peoples in Australia’s Constitution - a pretty embarrassing document which does not acknowledge Australia’s first people’s 60,000 plus years of continuous culture & habitation of our country prior to the European invasion in 1788.

Recognition is a statement of identity, so the logo idea came from ancient stencilled hand prints on desert cave walls. 

From initial scribbled idea, to spray paint on old plastic stencil, to final artwork took me less than an hour. A great brief helped. 


When my wife was pregnant I looked for a pregnancy book that spoke to me.

None of them did - so I wrote one (and designed, photographed & illustrated it)

I wanted answers to the questions in my mind like… would I ever have sex or money again? 
(A: “No” & “No”)

It was published by Random House. 


Sound Gun are an experimental Jazz band.

The idea for this CD cover was based on pre-radar early aircraft warning & listening devices from Japanese & German scientists in WW2. And a 1950’s Atomic Ray Gun. 


Animarum is Latin for ‘The Care of Souls” and this CD by Jonathan Zwartz is clean, simple, pure, soulful Jazz. 

Animarum just won The ARIA Award for Best Jazz Album in Australia, 2018. 

We’re sure the cover design helped!


The Scheimflug Principle is a photographic lens that changes focal lengths across the subject.This logo was for art photographer Murray Fredericks, who specialises in such images. 


“Beer so good it’s to die for” was the brief.  

The legendary Phantom comic book artist Glenn Lumsden was the illustrator. 


Poker Machine Addiction is responsible for 20% of all suicides in Australia.

This poster design was for an anti-poker machine documentary. 


Benefit poster for the Japanese Tsunami for a Bondi restaurant. 


Goat boy was my online T-Shirt brand with the tagline:
“Irony will set you free”


Why have a Drinks List printed on a tatty piece of paper on a cheap masonite clipboard when you can have
The Mamasan Enlightened Drinking Companion? 


Production design

I worked as Production Designer on a revolting film called “FEED” by Director Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity) designing an industrial bed & a latex fat suit for the lead actress. 

Brett ended up casting me as an actor as well - I played an Austrian Cannibal who cuts a man’s penis off & feeds it to him whilst naked in a bathtub full of blood.

The legendary actor Jack Thompson hugged me after my scene, whilst I was still naked, and said:

Adam - you are the world’s most evil man.” 

Despite such high praise the film went straight to DVD.