Good ideas sell stuff. Great ideas change how people think






“Unless your work gives you trouble - it is no good”
~ Picasso


You saw 3000 ads yesterday.
How many do you remember?
If nobody sees your ad, any further analysis is a complete waste of time.
Nobody buys anything for a rational reason - how else can you explain the Triumph of Trump?
In a world of 24 hour outrage, fake news, Russian meddling & a pornographic President, getting your idea noticed is the first order of any piece of communication.


The Gruen Transfer is Andrew Denton’s TV show about advertising.

The creative brief was to “End Shape Discrimination.”

So I wrote an idea that elevated telling a fat chick joke to an unacceptable level of discrimination - on a par with telling a racist, homophobic or anti-semitic joke. 

This led to me being the first person in the history of the ABC (Australia’s National broadcaster) to be banned for breaching all of it’s decency guidelines, national front page news coverage for a week, industry outrage, and ended up getting me fired. 

Andrew Denton rates it as his favourite ad ever from the show. 

Mumbrella’s Tim Burrows called it “The most controversial unaired TV ad of all time.

I still stand by this idea. 


Tax Today are a super fast Tax Return company. 

So I figured we’d hijack a few ATM’s to demonstrate just how fast you get your tax return back. 


Guantanamo Bay is a black hole for human rights.

This protest idea for Amnesty International occurred in shopping malls all over Australia. Amnesty Staff handed out leaflets to passers by who were stopped in their tracks by this surreal & confronting scene. 


I worked closely with the late great Election Whisperer Neil Lawrence on the remarkable Kevin ’07 Election Campaign which won a landslide victory for The Labor Party. 

My task was to create & spread virally all the attack stuff they wanted out there - but without a Labor Party logo on it. 

When Australia’s Prime Minister John Howard blindly followed President George W. Bush into the Iraq war, he ridiculed anyone who drew a comparison with Australia following America into The Vietnam War. This was my response.


I wrote & art directed this ad this Anti-Whaling ad for The International Fund For Animal Welfare.

The last line of copy published the phone number of the Japanese Consulate and encouraged readers to call & register their disapproval of so-called “Scientific Whaling”.

Their switchboard melted down for a week & led to a diplomatic incident with an official complaint being made by the Japanese Government to the Australian Government. 


Tough clothes by Kadu. Triple stitched. Strongest materials available. Home grown & sewn.

Poor taste? Yes.

Brand building? Yes.

Silver Pencil Nomination at D&AD? Yes. 


Animal Liberation don’t like Battery Hens Farms. 

This spot makes the point that you don’t have to break a chicken to make an egg. Animal Liberation broke into a battery farm the night before this shoot and collected both live & dead hens. No hens died or were harmed making this spot. 


The campaign was fully integrated. The creative team was Lisa McLeod & Maureen McCabe - my role was Creative Director. 



I was briefed by a magazine in Amsterdam to do a safe sex message that would shock the Dutch, which was quite a challenge, but I think I nailed it.

In case your eyes can’t make it to the headline, it says: “What’s shocking is there’s not a condom in sight.

I did the illustration overnight courtesy of a stack of magazines, a pair of scissors, a glue stick & lots of coffee.