Good ideas sell stuff. Great ideas change how people think



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"Talent does what it can. Genius what it must. Adam Hunt what no one else has even thought of." ~ Andrew Denton

“That’s what this business lacks - people who will at least attempt the outrageous, rather than the expected” ~ George Parker, Adscam/The Horror.


I’m a visual ideas guy who’s lived & worked in Sydney, Singapore, Amsterdam, London, New York, Los Angeles & Nepal as an Advertising Writer, Art Director & Creative Director.

I’ve also worked as a Photographer, Graphic Designer & Interior Designer.

My work has won many National & International creative awards for Advertising & Interior Design. 

I’ve also been published by Random House, and my work is represented in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York. 

I was once a professional Hang Glider pilot, with the broken bones to show for it - 
as a good life involves risk.

One of my many passions is Whiskey & Bars - for which I fully blame the Advertising Industry.

I’ve designed & own a Whiskey Bar called ‘Bad Mama’s Dungeon’, in my restaurant Mamasan - which is where Taiwan meets Japan on the set of Bladerunner. 

My recent work for the Suicide Awareness TV Documentary “Man Up” has had over 70 million views, and over 2.5 million shares

Other recent work with Andrew Denton in support of Voluntary Euthanasia has made history in Australia, becoming law in Victoria in 2017.

My theory of communication is simple - make people smile, because the more they like you, the more they’ll buy from you. 

An understanding of empathy can make people smile, laugh or cry. 

I believe that sometimes shock is an appropriate way to capture attention, however it’s not enough to just conquer - an idea must also seduce. 

In a world where we’re assaulted by 3000 ads a day, how many do you remember? 

I believe an obsession with the technology to get an idea in someone’s face has led to a lack of understanding of how the idea must engage once it’s there. 

Great communication requires great teamwork, so please have a wander through my journey. 

If you find something you like, perhaps we can work together - as great ideas can only come when great minds meet.

I can Write, Art Direct, Design & Shoot - and I have an incredible New Business win ratio.

I passionately believe that a good idea can sell stuff, but a great idea can change how people think.

Thanks for reading this far - as time is the most expensive thing we have